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Kamyanets is a fairy-town, a Fortress-town, a legend town, "Pearl-on-the-stone". These words are heard in Ukrainian, Russian, Polish and English.

The history of the town over the Smotrich River is rich and interesting. It is described in numerous chronicles, scientific works and memoirs.

The foundation of the town dates back to ancient an unknown century, that`s why without exaggeration it is one of the oldest towns of the Eastern Europe. It was established at the times of Halitsko-Volynska State in XII - XIII century and in XIV century it was a political and administrative centre of Podillia with Magdenburgh laws of Self-governing.

Medieval Kamyanets had an important role of mediator on the trade routes that ran from the east to the west. As a result trade and culture developed.

Due to its geographical position, Podillia as a part of the Great Lithuanian state, and later under Polish rule, was situated on the so called Steppe boarder.

Constant necessity in defense of the South-Eastern boarders demanded unique methods of military art and fortifications. The foundation of the defense walls of the Old Fortress around the town were those barriers against enemies.

Каньон - Каменец-ПодольскийDuring the Ukrainian national revolution (1648-1676) B.Khmelnitskiy with his troops stayed there.

However, during the Ukrainian national democratic revolution (1917-1920) Kamyanets-Podilskiy became the centre of political life and the part-time capital of UNR.

Awful years of the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945) destroyed "Pearl-on-the-stone". Mortal enemy avalanche went through the town twice: it first from the west to the east and then vise versa.

More then once rages to the ground, it always rose anew and could restore and create cultural monuments and architectural buildings: churches of different types, stone bridge and towers.

The age-old town of Kamyanets-Podilskiy grows younger. Today it contains large industrial enterprises; new workshops of small and middle business encircle the town.

The town has always been known of its educational establishments. Now days, there are 11 secondary schools, gymnasiums, lyceums, kinder gardens.

The State University founded in 1918, The State Academy of Agriculture, Military-Technical Institute, 7 colleges, industrial-educational complex, 6 branches if higher establishments have been created in Kamyanets-Podilskiy.

The most outstanding figures, such as I.Kamyanchanyn, M.Smotrytsky, T.Shevchenko, S.Rudansky, I.Ogienko, V.Rozvadovsky, M.Bazan, M.Godovanets are connected with Kamyanets-Podilskiy. Their names were commemorated in the names of town`s streets, memorials, boards.

Due to 170 historical monuments; Kamyanets-Podilskiy ranks with some well-known cultural centers of Europe.

Дома в Старом городе в Каменце-Подольском"Pearl-on-the-stone", where the art of nature and talented architects had created an inimitable and unique ensemble of fortification wall and a steep craggy shoreline.

Now Kamyanets-Podilskiy is considered to be a very interesting place to visit. The number of tourists is constantly graving. It`s over 100É000 people a year.

The National Historic-Architecture Park "Kamyanets", The National park "Podilski Towtry" expand the history and culture of Podillia.

The Old Kamyanets has the great and forward looking future. It enters XXI century as a real inimitable and unique town-museum, and well-known centre of Ukrainian culture.


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